We are commissioned to realize a Project for a High Rise Luxury Hotel, placed at the frontline coastline of Benidorm. We propose a triangular plan in order to maximize usable façade and offer sea views to the 85% of the rooms. This decision also optimizes the relationship between the total floor area and the total room area.

The tower has 34 floors, 31 of them destined to rooms, two of them to technical equipment, and the remaining one will harbor a Signature Cuisine Restaurant. A Rooftop Club with swimming pool enclosed inside a pyramidal rib structure is placed in the last floor of the building. The sports, fitness, spa area, events and conventions area are placed in the adjacent landscaped area.

The encounter within the base of the tower and the ground area is generated throughout a central atrium where all vertical communications are placed, generating a sensation of weightlessness. Structurally, three groups of 10 storeys are created, interlaced by the two technical floors that allow to unhang each group of floors.

All the proposed rooms are provided with a central frame occupied by a Jacuzzi area that enjoy of views to the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Location: Poniente Beach, Benidorm (Spain)
  • Project date: 2014

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