Benidorm is undoubtedly the most efficient touristic infrastructure of the Mediterranean coast, precisely because of its density. Instead, many people are frightened by its verticality. Nevertheless, large masses of tourists feel as they are living a dream, albeit briefly, in the little Manhattan. First of all, for its unequaled beaches. Second, because of its microclimate. Third, because of the landscape itself, that, observed from this unusual heights, is one of the thrilling experiences that the tourist of Benidorm will certainly enjoy and remember.

In this residential complex, it was decided to use the triangular geometry to solve several of these requirements for both the Golden Hotel and as for the proposed residential blocks. Indeed, the vertex of the triangles conform beams where lines, surfaces and volumes converge. This favors, as for instance, the stability of high-rise buildings. Also, the triangular shape minimizes the actions of the wind in the structure. On the other hand, the volume triangulation, optimizes the views to the Mediterranean Sea.

The triangular geometry that conforms the volume of the Golden hotel is further accentuated by the fact of emerging from a central base, generating an effect of weightlessness. This base will host the reception and general services (spa, restaurant and gym). However, on top of the building, where lines converge again on its central axis, the most exclusive and distinguished spaces are placed. The vertical atrium located in the center and surrounded by the access corridors is used to naturally ventilate the building. In addition, the golden skin that filters the solar radiation will make this hotel a new icon for Benidorm, like a shiny stone erected in the Mediterranean coast.

The residential high-rise buildings repeat the triangular geometry, offering the same benefits as for the hotel, as stated above, except that the distribution of the program is adapted to a domestic environment. The grouping of the buildings is articulated throughout a public promenade at different levels, creating a continuous linear park. The common areas of each block overfly this walkway through some undulating balconies, which connect the different levels resolving the topographical levels of the plot.

Definitely, the three sides of this project in Benidorm are: the particular situation of being in a privileged and touristic environment; the use of a triangular geometry and its entailment to the slenderness and the landscape; and finally, the ground treatment that solves and communicates the common spaces, access and circulation throughout the residential complex. Three vertexes of a project sharpened by topography, densification and optimization of the program, and the particular beauty of Benidorm.

  • Location: Poniente Beach, Benidorm (Spain)
  • Project date: 2014

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