The project emerges from the study of the figure-ground relationship in contemporaneity as well as the recognition of the space. Object projection has always been an architect’s safe place, the cornerstone of architectural planning, where all its complexity has traditionally lain. The context, thus, was pushed into a background role in this hierarchy, a mere scenario. With the advent of the 20th Century’s artistic Avant-Garde, a new perspective appears in which the void itself, its depth, gain importance as an integral part of the project, the new recipient of its complexity.

It is in this conceptual environment where Landscraper is developed, reformulating new outline conditions by releasing the ground plane as a physical framework to reformulate new boundary conditions.

Landscraper is proposed as a global topographic response linking both ends of the Campus and restructuring the fractured urban tissue, acting as a landmark, a catalyst of the dynamic components formed by vehicles and pedestrians. The result is a structure designed for leisure, a place to live and work at, fully integrated into the city.



  • Location:  C-32 Highway, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Project date: 2009


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